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Hello, WST Families! 

First, WST classes begin Wednesday, September 9. 

Your instructor will reach out to you via email and/or phone call to check in and welcome you and your student for this fall. This reopening guide was sent last week to families, but some were not able to open it. Here it is again, hopefully works this time! 

Important notes: 

WST Reopening Guide (this opens the PDF through a google link)

First three weeks of WST are remote. If the department of health AND districts agree, we will implement lab time for students to come in using all social distancing expectations, to practice their learning in a hands-on environment. 

Students will have both synchronous (on Zoom)  and asynchronous (via their classroom learning management system) learning. Teachers are working on those live scheduled times based on district timelines for synchronous learning. 

We are working with your sending schools  to ensure that students  are supported in their learning at WST and  at their sending schools. WST is going to be flexible this year, developing a schedule  that works for all. Please be patient while we  finalize  those details.  

Some districts have provided technology to students for school  use. In some cases, those district laptops/Chromebooks do not allow log in from WST. If this occurs, please let us know so we can assist. 

Our Updated Website is:

We are  here for YOU!