General Advisory Council (GAC)

The General Advisory Council (GAC) provides direction and guidance to administrators and teachers for the entire Career and Technical Education program offered by a district. This type of advisory group is usually formed at the secondary level to serve skill centers and high schools.

The program-specific advisory committee focuses on providing direction for a specific CTE program within a high school or skills center. Program specific advisory committees advise, assist and provide support and advocacy for quality CTE programs. Advisory committee volunteers have the opportunity to learn more about the CTE program, and the instructors are able to increase their understanding of the job market, employers' needs and community opportunities.

What is the time commitment?

  • General Advisory Committees meet 3-4 times per year for 1-2 hours each time during the school year.
  • Program specific advisory committees may be combined with the general advisory meetings or may be held at another time.
  • Meetings for both general and program-specific advisories are held in the late afternoon or evening; when many business people are available.

Join Us! If you are interested in joining our general or program specific advisory committee, please contact Loretta Robinett at 360.473.0556 or email her at loretta.robinett@bremertonschools.org

Washington Administrative Code 392-600-030

Skill center administrative councils shall:

  1. Establish policies and procedures;
  2. Be responsible for equipment replacement, facility maintenance, and ongoing operation of the skill center, including a branch campus/satellite program, to meet current industry and educational standards;
  3. Offer programs that are approved by the superintendent of public instruction for career and technical education enhancement as defined in WAC 392-121-138, or provide basic support to students enrolled in skill center programs: Programs that are approved by the superintendent of public instruction for vocational enhancement shall provide a minimum of five hundred forty hours of instruction per year;
  4. Skill center programs may be less than the equivalent of three consecutive fifty-minute periods if offered as an extension of the student's one whole full-time equivalent-funded school year;
  5. Submit an application to the superintendent of public instruction, career and technical education, requesting approval to operate a satellite program eligible for skill center funding;
  6. Select an official name to be submitted to the superintendent of public instruction, career and technical education, which will include the phrase "skill center" modified by the specific unique name given locally. The specific name given should be different than the name of any school district participating in the skill center cooperative;
  7. Have three years from the date of approval to establish a financial plan, including the operation and capital funds which will contribute to the ongoing site, facility, equipment, and maintenance and operation of the skill center to be reviewed annually;
  8. Serve the majority of student enrollment at its core campus.
  9. Skill centers that serve or intend to serve less than a majority of students at the core campus must submit a waiver request to the superintendent of public instruction, career and technical education.