High school students are able to earn both high school and college credits at West Sound Technical Skills Center. The Dual Credit opportunities prepare students with an academic and technical foundation required for employment in today’s technologically advanced workplace. Whether planning to obtain a four-year degree, a two-year degree, apprenticeship, military or immediate employment upon graduation from high school, Dual Credit give all students a jump-start on their education/career plan in these ways:

  • Student can earn college credit during high school and receive admission priority into our partnering community and technical colleges.
  • College credit potentially saves families hundreds of dollars, and student’s countless hours toward their port-secondary educational training.
  • An early start means and early finish to the selected post-degree program.

This course is College Dual Credit approved and articulated with the schools listed below. Students, who demonstrate a proficiency of the college course competencies with a “B” (3.0) or better grade, earn college credits through the SERS Tech Prep registration process.

CosmetologyClover ParkCOSMO 1122
COSMO 1165
COSMO 1232
COSMO 13614
CosmetologyOlympic CollegeCOS 1012
Year 1COS 1022
Year 1COS 1033
Year 1COS 1042
Minimum of 330 clocked hoursYear 1COS 15112
Year 2COS 1052
Year 2COS 1132
Year 2COS 1142
Year 2COS1202
Year 2COS 15213
Accumulated minimum of 680 clocked hoursYear 2COS2311