Instructor: Tony Sharpe
Phone: 360.473.0585



This course introduces students to the principles, tools, and concepts used in 2D and 3D animation, video game programming, and video game production. Students use industry-standard computers and software to create 3D video games and animations. While using those programs student learn how to design, 3D model, rig and animate a character for video games. The course focuses on the 3D art pipeline, modeling, texturing, game engines, modeling for anatomy, Principles of Animation, lighting and compositing. Using pre- and post-production skills, student work in teams to create animations and video games. This course covers a variety of 21st Century Skills (“employability skills”) essential to a student’s transition into the professional world. 

This class is designed like a video game. You have become a player in the game. A player will start at level 0 and level up as they progress through the game. A player levels up by completing quests (assignments and tutorials), participating in town halls (lectures and group activities), boss fights (quizzes and tests). Every activity in the class is worth XP (experience points). As a player progress through the game, the player will be rewarded with Badges, Achievements and Awards. Your progression through the game will determine your grade at the end of each term.