culinary arts

Instructor: Janine Colburn
Phone: 360.473.0592


Welcome to the West Sound Technical Skills Center/ Culinary Arts/ Food Service Program. We are looking forward to you attending the Skill’s Center this fall. We have an exciting, interesting, demanding and professional culinary class planned for you. Professionalism, Leadership and Employability skills will be taught and emphasized from the very beginning of class. We hope you are up for the task, it requires dedication, teamwork, lots of physical stamina and the ability multi-task that is required in the food service industry. I would like to urge you to contact the Instructor so you will know what will be expected of you in the Program.

This is a 2- year course, with 1080 hours of instruction. There is a strong emphasis on professionalism, leadership and employability skills. This program has a large commercial kitchen, where the student will develop marketable skills in basic principles of cooking and baking techniques. In our dining room and deli area the student will learn the operations of how a restaurant functions and will be able to perform those competencies for an entry level position in the foodservice industry.