Karen Horan

Billie Hanson


Congratulations on your decision to enter the exciting world of Cosmetology! We are pleased that you have enrolled in West Sound Tech's Cosmetology Program. We are committed to facilitating your success and will provide guidance in processes and procedures, which will assist your progress through the program of study. We will do our best to ensure your success in your chosen career pursuit. We strive to help students to develop the necessary competencies needed to meet the diverse challenges in the competitive beauty industry. West Sound Technical Skills Center provides students professional quality education and training to achieve the necessary requirements to earn a portion of the Washington State licensing hours that qualify toward the State required hours for licensure. We strive to create an environment that is student centered, where teamwork is encouraged, personal and professional development is promoted, and respect for others is fundamental.

The high school Cosmetology program will provide an introduction to industry theory and technical skills in the following categories:

Professional Career

  • Washington State Cosmetology laws, rules and regulations

  • Career opportunities

  • Business skills, desk and dispensary

  • Professional image, communication in the work place

  • History of Cosmetology

General Sciences

  • The general sciences necessary for the field of Cosmetology

Hair Care, Hairstyling and Haircutting

  • Technical principles of hair design, hair care, to include all types of hair, and care of the scalp

  • The foundations of the art of hairstyling to include arranging, styling, and creative design

  • Foundations of haircutting techniques to perform haircuts to meet industry standards

Chemical Texture Services

  • Concepts of chemical texture services to include permanent waving, chemical relaxing and curl reformation

Cosmetology Lab Clinic I

  • Students perform hands on practical experience using knowledge and skills achieved from related instruction

Students will be required to read and comprehend professional technical manuals; perform required business math skills; and communicate effectively in written and oral presentations. Manual dexterity is a requirement. Command of strong cognitive and problem solving skills will factor in student success. There is a strong emphasis on employability skills, professionalism, leadership and teamwork. Attendance policies are strictly adhered to and have a direct link to grading. As with all hands-on training, you must be present and engaged in the learning process to be successful.