Attending school regularly is a law in Washington State. Attendance is especially important at WST because of the significant amount of demonstrations and hands-on activities. The teacher presents and demonstrates a skill, provides guided instruction to the students who then are given the opportunity to practice.

If you are absent, you will miss critical instruction that will be a negative factor in your overall success in your career training. Absences might affect the student’s ability to earn high school credit and/or affect whether the student continues in the training program.

We understand that extenuating circumstances result in unexpected absences. Just as you would in the workplace: CALL YOUR INSTRUCTOR IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE ABSENT. When students return to West Sound Tech, an Attendance Report must be completed documenting the reason for the absence. An absence is not being in class for ANY reason when West Sound Technical Skill Center is operational. This includes but is not limited to pep assemblies, field trips, sickness, family emergencies, etc.

Chronic absences for any reason (missing three or more sessions) may result in student transfer to comprehensive high school. Extenuating circumstances will be reviewed by the director. To stay in the program, you will be expected to make up the missed hours if you have a legitimate reason for not being in attendance. However, if you miss a bulk of classroom/lab instruction, you might not be able to earn credit.