Instructor: Eric Erickson
Phone: 360.473.0587


Good choice!

You’ve chosen the program that will challenge your physical capabilities and spatial reality. Construction is largely an outdoor activity and you will get dirty and even drenched at times. You will enjoy snowy and sunny days all while applying your new-found skills. Because you’ve elected to take this class you will gain the capability to be self-sufficient in your future projects as a homeowner. Learning in this hands-on environment becomes much easier when the math and physical education competencies you learn are integrated into the physical structures you’re actually creating.

I’m sure you will enjoy and value this class, and you’ll be proud of the projects you and your co-workers build together.

Eric Erickson,
Instructor, WST Construction Careers

The Construction Careers Program at West Sound Technical Skills Center (WST) will introduce local high school students to the world of construction. The students will experience hands on training with the tools of the trade in a real world setting. This program includes both in-class theory and job site experience. The Construction Trades program is housed in a large facility that includes an expansive shop and classroom area. The program has a large outside work area with two residential house modules where the students apply their skills. The students occasionally work on job sites in the local community for public projects such as park buildings, small school district structures, Habitat for Humanity projects and tiny shelters.

This program is modified open entry, which means a student may start at any time during the school year, depending on space available in the class. Students can receive elective and specific credits recommended to sending schools dependent upon student’s length of enrollment. Students that successfully complete the course will receive a certificate and have the opportunity to move into apprenticeship positions or if applicable acquire upwards of 8 college credits through PC3 Connect Dual Crediting.

Many of the skills that a student can expect to learn include; general employability skills, safety standards for general construction, safe use of hand tools and power tools and equipment, site preparation, foundation construction, floor framing, wall framing, ceiling framing, roof framing, stair construction, exterior wall and roof finish, and blueprint reading. Second year students can learn crafts specific to their interests. All students work from advisory board approved curriculum that will prepare students for apprenticeship opportunities as a Carpenter, LADS, Construction Craft Laborer, Machine Operator, Electrician, Brick and Cement Mason, and much more. Students may also elect to enroll in local technical and community colleges to further their skills and knowledge.

Students will be required to read and comprehend professional technical manuals; perform required math skills; and communicate effectively in written and oral presentations. Dexterity and spatial skills contribute to student’s individual success in this career field. A strong command of math skills to include addition/subtraction/multiplication/division of whole numbers and fractions, measurement principles, plus an understanding of geometry will be necessary in this program. Students can expect to take math skills assessments as part of the interview/program acceptance process.

There is a strong emphasis on employability skills, professionalism, leadership and teamwork. Through participation in community projects, competitions and volunteering opportunities students can explore their place as future leaders. Students work through approved curriculum to help guide their way into the working world. Attendance policies are strictly adhered to in this class, mirroring workplace expectations. As with all hands-on training, you must be present and engaged in the learning process to be successful.