Family Covid Update

The Governor's office and the Washington State Department of Health recently updated the K-12 Covid guidance. Following you will find the summary of changes that may impact your student(s) attending WST: 

  • Masks are no longer required for staff and students
    • Unless in the health room, TOR, or days 6-10 of isolation without a negative test result 
  • A person who tested positive for COVID may return after day 5
    • If they test negative on day 5 or later OR 
    • If they wear a mask days 6-10 of isolation
    • Unless they test positive on day 5 or later, then they will need to continue to quarantine for the full 10 days (not test required after day 10) 
  • Diagnostic testing is still available to individuals who
    • have symptoms, 
    • have been exposed to COVID and want to confirm they do not have COVID -19 
    • want to return after their 5-day isolation
  • Contract tracing is no longer required (you will still be notified when someone with COVID is in your building)
  • Please continue to stay home if you have symptoms